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Pure Progressive Lenses

Thumbnail eyeglass basicsAll of the performance, 100% of the quality & longevity, absolutely zero corporate inefficiency between our state-of-the-art optical lab and our customers.

Pure Basic™

Pure Basic™ lenses aren’t designed to be extremely hard or soft. Instead, they blend the best of both worlds: combining the flexibility of soft design for distance with the strength of hard design for close-up tasks — all without sacrificing field-of-view.

Pure Basic™ is the best value entry-level progressive lens you’ll find on today’s market with zero compromise towards quality and performance.

Pure Advanced™

As the name implies, Pure Advanced™ lenses are more advanced progressives that can be tailored to fit each patient’s lifestyle. We offer four unique variations: Pure Advanced™ Balanced for even better balance between close-up and distance than the Pure Basic™, Pure Advanced™ DE for distance enhancement, Pure Advanced™ RE for reading enhancement, and Pure Advanced™ Short with a shorter corridor for quicker access to full reading power.

Pure 4K™

Our Pure 4K™ is our flagship progressive lens. It leverages higher resolution point-file software to confidently compete toe-to-toe with any advanced progressive on the market.

There’s not a progressive available that outperforms the Pure 4K’s ability to neutralize the five most common challenges in off-axis vision: spherical aberration, oblique astigmatism, distortion, coma, and curvature of field.

It compensates perfectly for all wear metrics including wrap, tilt, and vertex compensation — making it a foolproof fit every time.

Pure Office™

Our Pure Office™ is a progressive optimized for reading, yet enhanced to deliver clarity in mid-distance zones.

We offer several Office progressives optimized for computer, hobby, and office use (near & intermediate viewing zones).


The PuRelax™ is perfectly balanced for students and young professionals who perform extensive close-up work throughout the day and wish to minimize eye fatigue. It’s intended as a replacement for single-vision myopes 18-40 years old who would enjoy added comfort during day-to-day work activities without needing to change glasses for driving, professional work, or everyday use.

Pure Bi-Focus™

The Pure Bi-Focus™ is for patients who are accustomed to bifocals or refuse progressives, yet want something more technologically-advanced and appealing. Given that it’s a no-line bifocal, the Pure Bi-Focus™ won’t provide the mid-range distance that a progressive will, but it should delight patients who refuse to try a progressive or prefer bifocal lenses.

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