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Dear Patients,

Both offices are now open and In order to avoid crowding and to stay on top of additional disinfection procedures, appointment slots will be limited. What you can expect:

  1. Face coverings required, non-touch temperature reading, hand washing upon arrival.
  2. Disinfection of touch surfaces in addition to our usual sanitation procedures as well as barrier films on certain high-touch areas.
  3. Digital frame measurement technologies for all spectacle orders to replace face-to-face measurements.
  4. On-site, but non-facing payment options.
  5. Elimination of paper and electronic forms in the office.

Your cooperation in completing medical questionnaires at home, prior to your visit, is greatly appreciated. Also while we welcome patients along with one guardian when needed, additional friends and family members who do not have an appointment may be asked to wait outside. We’re all excited to see you soon.

Advanced Eyecare Optometric Center in Irvine and Dana Point, California

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How does Corneal Reshaping Work?

A high oxygen lens is used to gently reshape the surface of the eye while you sleep to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism.  The lenses are worn only while you sleep, so during the day you enjoy clear vision without the need for glasses or contacts.


How is Advanced Eyecare Different?

Technology and experience are two key ingredients to successful outcomes.  We are excited to offer Wave custom CR lenses as an alternative to premade lenses such as Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT).  Dr. Wang has been successfuly designing Wave lenses for nearly 10 years and as one of the top fitters in the nation, he was invited to participate in Wave’s FDA approval process.  Dr. Wang also currently serves as the national clinical consultant to all Wave corneal reshaping practices in the U.S.

Can my eyes really stop getting worse?

A study performed in 2008 showed that children wearing glasses or conventional contact lenses experienced worsening vision 10 times greater than a similar group of children undergoing CR with Wave custom lenses.  While there are very few guarantees in life, we feel CR is unmatched when it comes to protecting our children from worsening nearsightedness.


Is CR Safe?

Just like conventional contact lenses, good hygiene habits and proper care of the CR molds is necessary to minimize risk of eye infections.


How much does CR cost?

Fees depend on complexity of prescription and include the exam to determine how much treatment you need, custom digital design of your lenses, lens wear instructions and all CR related follow ups for 12 months.  Best of all, the initial consult to determine whether you are a good CR candidate is free and we offer flexible payment plans including zero interest options!  Call our office today to schedule a no risk, no obligation consult with Dr. Wang.


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