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Dear Patients,

Both offices are now open and In order to avoid crowding and to stay on top of additional disinfection procedures, appointment slots will be limited. What you can expect:

  1. Face coverings required, non-touch temperature reading, hand washing upon arrival.
  2. Disinfection of touch surfaces in addition to our usual sanitation procedures as well as barrier films on certain high-touch areas.
  3. Digital frame measurement technologies for all spectacle orders to replace face-to-face measurements.
  4. On-site, but non-facing payment options.
  5. Elimination of paper and electronic forms in the office.

Your cooperation in completing medical questionnaires at home, prior to your visit, is greatly appreciated. Also while we welcome patients along with one guardian when needed, additional friends and family members who do not have an appointment may be asked to wait outside. We’re all excited to see you soon.

Advanced Eyecare Optometric Center in Irvine and Dana Point, California
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In detail

Here are some tests you are likely to encounter during your complete vision and eye health evaluation:

Objective Refraction

Using a retinscope and / or autorefractor, your eye's exact power is measured.  This measurement is taken without the need for input from the patient, which makes it possible for the doctor to examine babies or any patient who has difficulty communicating how he or she sees.

Subjective Refraction

Oh no!  Which WAS better, 1 or 2?  During the subjective refraction, the doctor balances your eye's prescription with the lens that you see most comfortably with.  We use a computerized phoropter that allows you to see different lens choices all at once.  This makes it easy for patients to choose which lens appears the clearest.  During the subjective refraction, your eye's focusing and coordinated motion muscles will also be assessed.


The doctor will use a table mounted microscope to examine external and internal structures for problems such as infection or inflammation.  If your eyes feel dry, itchy or irritated, this inspection will help to identify the cause of the problem so the appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

Tonometry (glaucoma testing)

Measuring the pressure inside your eyes is 1 of 4 tests we perform to check for glaucoma.  Most patients remember the "air puff" test from their last eye exam.  All our exam rooms are equiped with applanation tonometers which means we can measure your eye pressure WITHOUT the puff!

Pupil dilation

Pupil dilation allows the doctor to fully inspect the internal structures of your eyes.  We use a gentle combination of drops that minimally affect your vision, but if you have any concerns, simply let the staff know.  We are more than happy to accommodate your schedule.

Visal Field Testing and Retinal Imaging

These are tests that help diagnose internal eye problems such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or even sight threatening tumors.  A technician will explain each test as it is performed and the doctor will review your results with you during your exam.


These are the most common tests performed during a standard comprehensive eye exam. Depending on your particular needs, the doctor may order additional tests or schedule them to be performed at a later date.


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