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In General

From start to finish, your entire vision and eye health evaluation will take 30-40 minutes.  This includes reviewing your vision and medical history, special diagnostic testing with a technician, prescription determination and complete eye health evaluation with the doctor and consultation time when the doctor will review with you all your test results and recommended treatments.  Before you leave, the doctor will make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed.

If you wear glasses, please bring with you all glasses that you currently use or are having problems with, including sunglasses.  If you wear contact lenses, please either wear or bring your contact lenses with you.

In order to fully examine the internal health of your eyes, your pupils will likely be dilated.  Most patients find that the gentle combination of drops we use do not result in blurred vision, but you may be sensitive to sunlight if it is bright and sunny outdoors.  You are encouraged to bring your sunglasses with you and we also have complimentary sun shades that you can take home.  If you prefer to not have your pupils dilated at a specific visit, simply let the staff know and we will accommodate your schedule.

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